Futuristic Plans


Electronic Classrooms  (ECR’S)

Technology smart class-rooms is a modern concept of imparting and sharing knowledge at the geographically dispersed locations, though video lecturing conferencing using high-speed internet / intranet connectivity. So with the passage of time Banat will introduced latest technology.

Digital library

Under this project, Electronic information resources centers will be established and Banats constituent colleges covering all discipline of the time will have full access to the information on versatile topics.

Banat Online

It is another concept of introducing the latest technology in any college. According to this technology parents will be eligible to monitor their sons / daughters from any part of the world. This will be the unique set up in any college.

Hostel and living facility

The hostel / living accommodation at colleges / institutions is under construction and is it various stages of completion 100% students selected for Banat colleges will be provided separate accommodation in future.


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