Modernity is an existential fact as the realities of life are to be Faced rather than avoided. The sensitive soul of Sir Syed realized it and envisioned The need of a fresh orientation of Islam and the dissemination of modern education Among the Muslims. Unfortunately we are divided into two groups-one is more Inclined to credulousness holding very conservative views and the other neglecting Our religious precepts, cultural values and traditions. What Sir Syed demanded and What Dr. Muhammad Iqbal wished is the mid-way between these two extremes. BANAT TALEEM-UL-QURAN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE, is busy in maintaining Its prime determining factors like penetration in truth, right knowledge viz both Religious and scientific, discipline and generally accepted code of morals. MOHTARMA AYESHA BIBI, the founder of the institute followed and practiced what was thought by Sir Syed and thereafter urged by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. She resigned from the Government services and established Banat School on 11th July, 1948 on the pattern Of imparting modern education and a fresh orientation of Islam with the sole objective Of producing patriotic citizens with high ideals of Islam like tolerance, honesty, modesty And truthfulness as taught in the Holy Quran and AL-hadith

Mohtarma  Ayesha Bibi witnessed different phases of struggle for the creation of Pakistan and was terribly impressed by the plight of Muslims women in the field of Educationa. In spite of both physical and financial hardships, she exerted herself for The benefit of human beings in general and the girls in particular, so as to make them Educated mothers for meeting the future challenges of life.  She achieved her objective And presently we see that the females taught and trained in Banat Taleem-ul-Quran, Abbottabad are rendering their services creditably in all walks of life in fact, they owe Much to Mohtarma Ayesha Bibi, who infused in them the spirit of learning and the Competitive serves.

BANAT TALEEM-UL-QURAN ABBOTTABAD enjoys high reputation for sustaining The modern tendencies along with high Islamic traditions. In teaching of which the Reputed educationists, general public and the parents were obliged to urge the Present principle, Mr. Hamid Saddiq khan, to allow admission to the boys up to Secondary and Higher Secondary levels. The Institution adhered to the request of Public and suggestion of the educationists by allowing admission up to Secondary Level in 1994. A separate building was constructed and highly qualified staff backed By considerable teaching experience were employed for sustaining the required  Standard of modern and Islamic education.

BANAT TALEEM-UL-QURAN, ABBOTTABAD offers admission and provides quality Education in the following groups:

1. Medical group
2. Engineering group
3. Computer Science group
4. General group
5. Humanities group

BANAT TALEEM-UL-QURAN, ABBOTTABAD is a Recognized Institution spreading its light of learning at the centre of the picturesque City of Abbottabad and in the Officers Colony, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad. Its buildings are spacious with ventilated classrooms, well-equipped science Laboratories air conditioned computer labs, rich libraries and capacious halls for the Teaching of tafseerul-Quran and conduction of examinations. The pupils really relish The fruit of learning in this prestigious institution.


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